Corona Governance in Urban Margins

Webinar Series

Corona Governance in Urban Margins Webinar Series

In which ways do authoritative (state and non-state) actors respond to the Covid-19 pandemic in so-called ‘urban margins’? In this webinar series we will present the collaborative ethnographic research that we have carried out in the last eight months across eight different urban centers from the global South. The presentations will focus on pertinent issues that have emerged from the various research sites, namely grassroots coping strategies, policing practices, and governance discourses. By bringing together examples from diverse urban margins, we aim to draw out the various ways in which governments, local organizations and criminal actors have coped with the challenges of our current times.

The webinars will take place from 13:00 – 15:00 (CET) on Microsoft Teams. You will receive the link a few days in advance after you have registered through this form. The webinar is part of the Open City Initiative. For late registration send an email to:


17 March – Pandemic (In)Securities: Violence and Order-Making.

  • COVID-19, Religion, and Vigilantism in the Nigerian City of Jos. By Murtala Ibrahim (Utrecht University)
  • t.b.a. – Jakarta. By Fachri Aidulsyah (LIPI, Indonesian Institute of Sciences) and Zaki Arrobi (Utrecht University)
  • t.b.a. – Guatemala City. By Karla López (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala) and (Marie-Louise Glebbeek (Utrecht University)
  • Discussant : Zoha Waseem (University College London)

18 March – Coping with Corona in the Margins: Urban Vulnerabilities and Inequalities.

  • COVID-19 emergency responses and politics in urban margins: The Kazi mtaani programme in Mathare Constituency, Nairobi, Kenya. By Brian Kimari (Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies, Nairobi)
  • t.b.a. – Guadalajara. By Mauricio López Alvarado (Universidad de Guadalajara) and Wil Pansters (Utrecht University)
  • t.b.a. – Rio de Janeiro. By Giulia Escuri (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro) and Carly Machado (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Discussant: Divine Fuh (University of Cape Town)

25 March  – Politicizing the Pandemic: Legitimacy, Integrity and Governance.

  • t.b.a. – Maputo. By Tirso Sitoe (Bloco4Foundation, Maputo) and Nikkie Wiegink (Utrecht University)
  • t.b.a. – Georgetown. By Hans de Kruijf (Utrecht University)
  • Discussant: Francesca Pilo (Utrecht University)     Image by Salomão Nicasse. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Maxaquene, Maputo.